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The Boss thanks you. Now he commands you to keep voting for The Good Phight in The Phield.


That was the score of our Sweet 16 victory over The 701 Level in The Phield. Props to Shep and Gil. Their blog is a gem and they are twitter superstars. Personally, I wasn't expecting the win at all, so this was a pleasant surprise. Again, we are grateful for your loyalty. This site wouldn't be the same without our active community. 

Our 495 votes were good for fifth most this round, so we are going to need even more support if we are going to move on to the Final Four. This round, we are facing off against Daily News Phillies scribe, David Murphy.

VOTE HERE. Polls close at 5 PM on Sunday.

Here's the current bracket:


(Click to enlarge)

While the blogs that remain are all quite strong, the Boss must insist that you vote for the following ticket:

Crashburn Alley for Secretary of the Treasury

Phuture Phillies for Secretary of Education

Zoo With Roy for Secretary of Health and Human Services

And remember, the Boss is your only true friend.