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Three Fourths of the Bloggany Hall Slate Advances to the Final Four. Vote for The Good Phight in The Phield!

The Boss is smiling. That is a smile.
The Boss is smiling. That is a smile.

The Good Phight has advanced to the Final Four of The Phield with a decisive 658-295 victory over Daily News Phillies beat writer David Murphy's blog. Yet again, thank you for your support.

Also advancing to the Final Four are Zoo With Roy and Phuture Phillies of the Bloggany Hall-backed slate.

Our 658 votes were good for second best this round. Unfortunately, the leading vote-getter is our next opponent. With 1063 votes, Phillies Nation felled the fourth member of our ticket, Crashburn Alley. Obviously it will take a massive get out the vote effort to pull off this upset, but try to remember what is in it for you. We will need volunteers to drive the vans to pick up voters and deliver them to the polls. In addition, we believe now is the right time to dip into the blog's "emergency fund". Five dollars for every vote plus five dollars to you for every referral!

To vote, CLICK HERE. Polls close at 5 PM on Wednesday.

Early and often, as they say. The Good Phight supports the spoils system, meaning: in these hard times you should support The Good Phight.


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