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The Good Phight's Second Annual Phillies 2011 Over/Under/Never Events: Time to Play!




Lemme proposition you. No, not with those stale "who will win the division/pennant/World Series?/bold prediction"  kinds of articles. Let's instead play a game born of contemplating stats, but oh so much more: TGP's Season-long Over/Under Never Events, our annual competition/exhibition of our own snarky brand of "gut feel." Thanks to those of you who chipped in on last night's post soliciting some input -- as you always do, you helped make it funner.

Here's how to play. Enter your guesses in the comments. For each of the in-game events described below, guess if it will happen before (under), after (over), or not at all (never) during the 2011 season). One entry per screen name. Contest will be open until the first Over/Under/Never event comes true, whereupon the comments will be closed. 

Tastykake reward (of some kind) for the best prognosticator come season's end. (h/t to Phrozen, who, from his outpost across the continent espied by Rooskies, has graciously already compiled the official scorecard from 2010 and will tally Official 2010 O/E/N Results(TM). At long last, the inauguaral O/U/E champ will be named Monday. But I'm guessing you all knew that already, amirite? 

The Official 2011 Over/Under/Never Events after the jump.



Event Over/Under/Never Date Noteworthy In-Game Event
  1 April 7.5 Jimmy Rollins' 1000th run (needs 7)
  2 April 14.5 First Ryan Howard air-mailed throw into left field
  3 April 20.5 Ryan Howard ties Del Ennis, 2nd all-time Phillies HR leader (needs 6) 
  4 April 28.5 Ryan Howard's first "Golden Sombrero:" 0 for 4+, 4+ K (N.B., if he reaches base in any way other than a dropped third strike, that will not count).
  5 May 1.5 Wilson Valdez hits into 2+ double-plays in a game
  6 May 3.5 Jayson Werth homers vs. Phillies
  7 May 4.5 Jayson Werth HBP thrown by Phillies pitcher
  8 May 5.5 Charlie Manuel ejected by umpires
  9 May 6.5 First 3-pitch inning, either batting or pitching
  10 May 13.5 Game started by someone other than Halladay/Lee/Hamels/Oswalt/Blanton
  11 May 17.5 Chase Utley returns to the lineup
  12 June 0.5 Jimmy Rollins’ 100th career triple OR Dom Brown’s first career triple OR Pete Orr’s first triple of the season (a triple triple play!)
  13 June 15.5 First: Brad Lidge (S) OR (BS) (W)
  14 June 18.5 Second: Win vs. AL team
  15 June 23.5 Phillies outfielder throws out a runner at the plate on SAC fly attempt (Must be direct OF to player - likely C - covering home)
  16 June 30.5 Phillies pitcher throws no-hitter
  17 June 30.5 First: Multi-HR game by Phillie not named Utley, Howard, or Ibanez
  18 July 8.5 Walk-off HR from Phillies reserve
  19 July 10.5 Phillies complete 5-game win streak
  20 July 27.5 Cody Ross: HBP thrown by a Phillie
  21 July 31.5 Phillies make a trade for a Proven Veteran Closer™
  22 August 1.5 Phillies starting pitcher bats somewhere other than 9th in the starting lineup OR is used as a position player OR hits a home run.
  23 August 16.5 Phillies player hits 3HRs in a game
  24 September 0.5 "Now pitching for the Phillies: Scott Mathieson"
  25 September 27.5 Charlie Manuel ties Harry Wright, second all-time Phillies manager in wins (92nd win - 636 total) 
Extra     Credit! Season's End Charlie Manuel ties Gene Mauch, all-time Phillies manager in wins (102nd win - 646 total)