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Some Mardi Gras Beads For You, March 8, 2011: Rivero, Our Hero

Happy Mardi Gras, my gentile friends! I hope you enjoy your "last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season" (Wikipedia). 

Today, the Phillies beat the Orioles, 4-3, on a walk-off, 2 RBI single by someone named Carlos Rivero. Cole Hamels struggled with his command early, but settled down to pitch 4 innings of 1-hit ball. Ryan Howard hit an opposite-field shot off of Brian Matusz in the 4th inning. Brad Lidge allowed a run on a hit and and a hit batsman in his inning; all of the other relievers (including Baez) pitched scoreless frames. 

Still no word on Utley's knee, but Dom had the hook of his hamate bone successfully amputated. 


Utley: 'I've got nothing new'
When the Phillies get secretive about injuries, FuquaManuel gets nervous.

Brown Has Successful Surgery
Source: he was a big boy and didn't cry at all.

Hitting woes persist
Can't we wait until the games actually matter to call them "woes"?

Francisco scratched
by a rabid squirrel. Received shot in clubhouse.

Top 10 Prospects: The Philadelphia Phillies
What do you say, PhillyFriar?

The Best Short Stops of the Past 5 Years: Look to the NL East
Jimmy Rollins: 32.1 fielding runs; Derek Jeter: -23.7 fielding runs

Elsewhere in baseball:

Carlos Beltran misses second game in a row for New York Mets
"Knee tendinitis."

Hey beer man! The top 10 brews available at big league ballparks
"Flying Fish's Extra-Pale Ale is the kind of beer that you can go back and get more of during a long, high-scoring game at that bandbox of a ballpark." #statementsfrom2005

Majors And Minors Renew Wedding Vows
In Vegas. With Elvis presiding.

Other ballplayers players to testify against Barry Bonds
Breaking Ballmerta? They better go into witness protection.

Dave Righetti: Lord Of The HR/FB Rate
Further research into the mystery of Matt Cain.

A helmet for pitchers?
Reminds me of this helmet thingy.

Observe with wonderment: Brian "Mullah Omar" Wilson's beard