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Some Phillies Links For You, April 13, 2011: Regression, Bullpen Blues, Strategy Fail

The scourge of lip tumors. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
The scourge of lip tumors. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Why Mayberry over Gload? | The Phillies Zone
Matt Gelb looks into the inexplicable decision to pinch hit for Joe Blanton with John Mayberry instead of Ross Gload with the bases loaded in the seventh last night. And it remains inexplicable.

Ohhh Charlie… - Brotherly Glove
Brotherly Glove takes another thorough look at the Mayberry/Gload decision from last night. Verdict: Whaaa?

Phillies Notebook: Too early for Phillies, Manuel to get caught up in expectations
David Murphy sez the Phillies offense is unlikely to maintain its pace from the first nine games. You know who's been saying that...

Cleveland rotation tops Philadelphia Phillies' Fab Four on charts
I'm taking bets that this will hold up all season.

Werth savors reunion

Building a Bullpen - Philled In
Kinda bad timing after last night's struggles, but David Hale looks at the future of the Phillies bullpen after the (assumed) departures of Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson.

R-Phils outlast Fisher Cats in 11
Good nights for Matt Rizzotti, Justin DeFratus.

Daytona Cubs 5, Clearwater Threshers 1
The Threshers managed just one hit off Cubs pitching. Jarred Cosart picked up the loss, going five innings, allowing six hits and three earned runs, walking one and striking out three.

This was a pretty bad rendition of a ballpark classic - Casual Fan
Former(?) blogger Tug Haines is traveling around the country this season, checking out 113 different ballgames, and is documenting his experiences at Here's an "awesome" "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" from last night in Daytona.

McFarlane Toys Announces New Phillies Chase Utley Figure
Public Service Announcement: Grown men, it's time to stop buying dolls!