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The case for John Lannan's immediate incarceration

John Lannan hit Ryan Howard on the hand with a pitch tonight. Thankfully for our hottest hitter at the moment, post-game x-rays came back negative. But let's talk about Mr. Lannan for a moment. 

John Lannan has a career 3.26 BB/9. Not good control, but not awful either. 

He has faced 2523 batters in his career and hit 21 of them. That is .83 percent of batters he has faced. For comparison's sake, Roy Halladay has hit .66 percent of the batters he has faced. 

Of the 2523 batters John Lannan has faced, 295 of them have been Phillies (11.6%). 

Of the 21 batters John Lannan has hit, 8 of them have been Phillies (38%). 

Here is a list of the Phillies who John Lannan has hit: 

Chase Utley, three times (one broken hand, one strong MVP candidacy derailed)

Ryan Howard, three times

Shane Victorino, once

Raul Ibanez, once

I'm not saying John Lannan is intentionally throwing at Phillies, but it certainly looks like John Lannan might be intentionally throwing at Phillies. 

As our own Blog Overlord Whole Camels has said, John Lannan must be incarcerated before he kills again.