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Phillies 4, Nationals 0: As Expected

This is what all that money bought this off-season.  Cliff Lee struggled in his last outing, but tonight he was sensational.

Against Jordan Zimmermann, who was perfect through five innings, the Phillies offense provided 4 runs on a Carlos Ruiz solo home run followed by a lot of small ball aided by a couple of Nationals' errors.  But that wasn't the story tonight.

The story was Cliff Lee.  He needed only 99 pitches to shut out the Nationals.  The rest of the numbers tell the story here, so I'll give you them and you can fill in your colorful memories in the comments:  0 runs, 3 hits, 1 walk, 12 strike outs, 92 game score.  Game time: 2:06.

Vintage Cliff Lee.  Following vintage Roy Halladay (minus the ninth inning).  With Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels to follow.

Life's good folks.  Real good.