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Some Phillies Links for You, April 19, 2011: Mo' homers, mo' problems

Phillies notes: Romero injures calf, admits DL is likely | The News Journal |
Whenever Kyle Kendrick lays a turd, someone else seems to get hurt, resulting in his continued rosterdom. Zagurski or Stutes likely to be called up, in about that order of likelihood. Well, Oswalt's okay, so it seems.

Phillies Notes: Manuel wants more homers from Phillies lineup | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/19/2011
More homers, more money, more time off, more Utley. Not necessarily in that order.

Phillies shortstop Rollins shares insights on HBO Sports show | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/19/2011

Also revealed is the little-known fact that, as a teen, J-Roll was featured in a music video and was a backup dancer in a few of rapper M.C. Hammer's.

Quick! Name the SECOND M.C. Hammer video you remember. Wonder if he'll talk about his investment in Justin Bieber?

Phillies fans, a toast to John F. Street | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/17/2011
From Sunday's Inquirer. Philadelphia's sports complex total makeover will be one of the all-time great chicken vs. egg municipal-funding debates.

Stanley 'Doc' Glenn, 84, Negro leagues catcher | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/19/2011

"We would play at old Shibe Park," Mr. Glenn recalled. "And the Phillies and Athletics would draw 10,000-12,000 people for a doubleheader, which would be on Sunday. We would have the ballpark - they would rent the ballpark to us for Monday night games - and we'd draw 30,000 people."

RIP, Doc.

Ex-Phils coach Lopes is off & running in LA now | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/18/2011

The Dodgers are stealing bases at a 79 percent rate (15-for-19), a nice bump from last season's 65 percent (92-for-142).

Another soldier for wins.

Dykstra makes yet another error | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/19/2011

This employee said the night Dykstra was brought in, he cursed at doctors, spit on a nurse and punched hospital equipment. "In the emergency room, it was abusive," the hospital employee said. His behavior improved a great deal later in his stay, the employee said, after his patient-care manager pointed out that he was under a lot of scrutiny.

For you 1991 trivia fans out there.

Braves Shutdown By Ted Lilly, Lose 4-2 - Talking Chop
Tim Hudson is the Braves' version of Joe Blanton early on.

Minor leagues after the jumpity jump...

Baseball: IronPigs drop Game 1 -
You lose a soldier for wins, you gain a soldier for wins. Ryne Sandberg has the IronPigs in first place well into double-digit April.

Late meltdown dooms Reading
Not the best 9th inning up in Baseballtown last night. Austin Hyatt with a nice start, though.

Clearwater 7, Daytona 4
Jonathan Pettibone: 6IP, 5H, ER, 0BB, 3K. And the Ruf was on fire!

BlueClaws never wake up against Suns | |
Ah, 10:35 Monday baseball. Ervis Manzanillo, among others, with strong pitching performances.