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The most garbage game of baseball ever played: Brewers runs, Phillies garbage

Roy Halladay didn't pitch well by his own standards, but for 6 and 2/3 innings he pitched well enough to keep his team within "striking distance". But what exactly "striking distance" means for a team that suddenly seems unable to string together more than one hit at a time or advance runners more than one base at a time is not entirely clear at this point. 

It was a mixed bag for the Phillies offense tonight. As in: "the bag of myriad, malodorous bodily fluids was thoroughly mixed." Sure, they managed their first extra base hit in over 20 innings against Randy Wolf, but it turned out to be just one of two hits they managed off of the former Phillie in his six innings of work. A few times, Phillies had potential rallies extinguished by some good defensive plays, but for the most part, they just couldn't muster many decent swings or particularly solid contact at all.

Still, after six innings the score was a seemingly manageable 3-0. But alas, that is before the appropriate conversions to "Phillies offensive slump runs" are completed. In fact, three "offensive slump runs" against the Phillies is equal to 3π (9.4245) runs. So, after six innings, the Phillies found themselves in a seemingly insurmountable 9.4245-0 hole which was made even more insurmountable in the top of the seventh inning when with two outs, two on and another run (π runs after converting to OSRs) across, David Herndon relieved Roy Halladay. Herndon promptly surrendered a three run bomb to Casey McGehehehehehe; 7π-0. Mike Zagurski came in and gave up a few more runs because he's fancy; 9π-0. 

The Phillies offense made plate appearances over the final three innings, but I cannot recall what happened therein. Suffice it to say they lost. And with that the Phillies have their first losing streak of the season. 


Cliff Lee takes on Chris Narveson in the series finale. Maybe they'll win, maybe they won't. 


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Update: It appears as if the gents over at The Fightins had the same take on this game as I did.