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Some Monday Phillies Links For You, April 25, 2011: The Benjamin Button of Bullpens


A Younger, Inexperienced Bullpen
Well, remember how at the beginning of the season all the talking punditheads were saying the Phillies are too old?

Should Roy Halladay Have Thrown 130 Pitches?

Special K
Too many pitches or not, Roy Halladay is really good.

How long will the Phillies stick with Raul?
I think this article needs to be put through the Taco Pal Logicdome(TM).    

Phillies Should Trade For Hunter Pence
But he's so friggin' annoying! No, but seriously, this is food for thought.

Inside the Phillies' Clubhouse
Warning: T-Mac appears in this video.

Elsewhere in baseball:

What's The Best Playoff Format?
Bud Selig is one of those people who when he does something, you assume the opposite was actually the correct thing to do.

The Value of a Beard: Wilson's Beard Has Made Quite an Impact
Against all odds it has allowed MLB to finally reach the coveted "Taliban" demographic. 

Fuld enjoys the power of statistics
The player the media loves for his Ecksteinian qualities ostensibly has a deep understanding of why Eckstein sucks.

Braves vs. Giants Series Recap
Braves beat the Giants. Giants beat the Phillies. Therefore, Braves are better than the Phillies. QED.