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Heads in the Desert: Phillies at Diamondbacks Game Thread, April 25, 2011

The Phillies join Blog-Lord-on-vacation Whole Camels in the great state of Arizona tonight. But while WC will be visiting a sweat lodge and experimenting with other ancient Native American spiritual purification methods, the Phillies will be hard at work against the Diamondbacks.

In tonight's opener, Cliff Lee will face off against righty Ian Kennedy (2010: 3.80/4.33/4.10). A year and a day ago, Kennedy shut the Phillies down with 8 innings of 4-hit, 2-run ball, but the Phillies managed to pull out a win with a 9th inning home run by old wife Jayson Werth (his second of the game).

Let's hope Antonio Bastardo, Danys Baez, Carlos Ruiz, Michael Martinez, Placido Polanco, Wilson Valdez, and Raul Ibanez all have their papers handy or we could be dealing with a severely depleted lineup tonight. Oh, and Shane Victorino and Ben Francsico better bring theirs to the ballpark with them just to be on the safe side.


Current Series

3 game series vs Diamondbacks @ Chase Field

Philadelphia Phillies
@ Arizona Diamondbacks

Monday, Apr 25, 2011, 9:40 PM EDT
Chase Field

Cliff Lee vs Ian Kennedy

Clear. Winds blowing out to right field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around .

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Cliff Lee

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Aug 30, 1978

Ian Kennedy

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