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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, April 26, 2011: Lost in Translation

DROP THE F-BOMB. EXTERMINATE THEM ALL (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
DROP THE F-BOMB. EXTERMINATE THEM ALL (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Stutes family, friends answer call | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/26/2011
He got the call! I love this stuff.

Phillies Notebook: Manuel: Disabled Contreras not overused | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/26/2011
A Contreras-temps between Amaro and Manuel.

Roy Halladay Throwing Tons of Cutters | FanGraphs Baseball
Cutter'd is as cutter'd does.

Phillies chat with Matt Gelb | The Phillies Zone | 04/25/2011
Matt, is it true you tend to avoid sitting next to Brookover the day after one of his epic and well-documented sauerkraut binges?

In the NL East:

Fish Wrap: Marlins 5, Dodgers 4 - Fish Stripes
Nine comeback wins. Resilient yutes!

Josh Johnson: Underrated Overrated Ace Of The Marlins - Baseball Nation
Bonus Marlins link: He strikes out too many guys... at home. Hmmm. I blame Mick Billmeyer somehow.

Jason Heyward Homers Again, But Atlanta Braves Fall 5-3 In Extra Innings - Talking Chop
The big shoes Bobby Cox left behind are being used to kick Fredi G around. Useful.

Washington Nationals Drop 4-2 Decision And Series To Paul Maholm And The Pittsburgh Pirates. - Federal Baseball
Werth 2 for 16 vs. lefties.

In the Minor Leagues: Much rain last night. One game:

BlueClaws shut down Yankees' prospects | The Asbury Park Press |
Aaron Altherr doing all the little things to win, as shown by the photo.

Elsewheres in Baseball:

How to Speak Sabermetrics to a Mainstream Audience | FanGraphs Baseball
Excusing me, where is youth hostel with easy nubile American womens?

Baseball Prospectus | Spitballing: Cracking the Scouting Code
What else gets lost in translation on the way to the Five Toolshed.