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Some Off Day Phillies Links For You, April 28, 2011: Dom <3

The eyes of a jackal.
The eyes of a jackal.


Oswalt Leaves Team for Personal Reasons

There has been a tremendous amount of tornado activity near Roy’s home in Mississippi resulting in several tragic deaths and significant devastation to the area. Because of this, Roy is concerned about his family’s well-being. He has chosen to take time to make sure there wasn’t significant damage to his home, but more importantly, to make certain that his wife and children are okay.

Hope everything is okay.

Life Without Chooch?
Try not to worry too much.

Statistically Regressing the Phillies’ Offense
It appears that they are performing roughly as well as they should be offensively.

Brown homers in first rehab start
And they said getting your hambone ate was supposed to sap your power. Heh.

Joe Blanton Prepares His Secret Weapon For the Mets (A ZWR Animated Joint)
Photoshopping Joe Blanton's head on Mike Zagurski's body? Super meta.

The creepiest Chris Wheeler video ever produced
I'm so glad they're back.

Box Score Roundup, 27 April 2011
Phuture Phillies sez: don't be worried about Jesse Biddle.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Jose Bautista, Jeff Francoeur, And Other American League Surprises
Francoeur's line: .330/.370/.593.  There is no God.

E-mail fail: Yanks leak personal info of 20,000 ticket holders

Do Good Minor League Systems Lead to Major League Success? Part 1
Spoiler alert: yes, kind of.

Report: Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper Washington involved in incident
Pitcher made fun of Bryce's eyeblack.