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Friday Phillies Links -- You Never Sausage a Post


Phils' scoring slump: Dearth of a new era
Reasonable article by Paul Hagen. Interesting trivia in his "by the numbers" segment at the end, including:
- 628: Straight Tampa Bay Rays games started by a pitcher who hasn't reached his 30th birthday. That's just 18 short of the record set by the 1970-74 Montreal Expos.
Also notes that Ryan Howard has struck out 4 times in 20 regular season games in his career -- the Phils are 12-8 in those games.

Oswalt's Family Unharmed in Tornado
Not clear yet when he'll return, but with off days the Phillies can absorb a missed turn.

Ex-Phils pepper independent Atlantic League rosters
Lancaster, Camden, and the rest of the League kick off tonight.

Leadoff Rankings: Week 4
Phillies 1-2 hitters 2nd best in baseball through last week. (Andrew Leff Fanshot this a few days ago here).

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Elsewhere in Baseball:

Could the Braves Make a Run at Jeff Francoeur?
From a Phils' perspective, there is nothing but good news here.

Braves await word of punishment
Any comment would be superfluous (including that one, and in fact anything before the next period). Also, this Derek Lowe story was already linked by EREX21 in taco pal's Baseball Town article. Things have been better for the Bravos, but I fully expect them to be pain in the arse before long.

Bryce Harper off to a decent start
.323/.425/.645 (1.060 OPS) in 19 games, and .419/.514/.935 (1.449 OPS) in his last 10

Could Ike Davis Be Better than We Think?
With the Mets coming in, a look at their leader in BA (.352), RBI (19), and OPS (1.029)

Gratuitous WAR porn
The Phillies of the past 25 years

25th anniversary of a dominant pitching performance
I'd forgotten he struck out 20 twice in one year. List of all 18-K games here.

Predicting the Next Jose Bautista: Part I, Explaining HR Change
Bill Petti promises to foolishly predict the next Bautista in part 2

Giants prospect Belt playing OF full time in minors
Many analysts' pick for ROY before he was demoted. Curious why the Giants wouldn't have tried this earlier in his development, a la Singleton.

The numbers behind a catch and a just-miss
Obvious stuff about hang time and BABIP, but still interesting to see it quantified

Werth's awful batted ball numbers
His OPS is only .754 so far, and his BABIP is well below his career average, but I don't know that I would attribute his troubles to luck. His LD% is 11.4% (career rate 21.0%), while is IFFB% is an astronomic 26.9% (career 10.6%). So far this year he's been credited with 8 line drives and 7 infield popups.

Ozzie Guillen tweeting after being ejected (link intentionally excluded)
ESPN loves the guy, like CNN with natural disasters and TMZ with Charlie Sheen