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He is risen, HOPEFULLY: Utley COULD MAYBE POSSIBLY start jogging soon, per Ken Rosenthal

Via SI's Ken Rosenthal:

Ruben Amaro Jr. said Tuesday that Utley continues to make progress and could start jogging "in the next couple of days."


"If he starts running, that’s a big step," Amaro said. "He hasn’t even jogged. He’s done some underwater stuff. But we haven’t gotten him to run normal resistance. Once he does that, it (his return) could happen fast. But it might take a while for him to get there."

Once Utley can run at full speed without pain, he could progress quickly to a rehabilitation assignment, Amaro said.

This is obviously very good news and reason for, perhaps, cautious optimism. At the very least, it suggests that surgery is becoming less and less likely. It also sounds like they are taking the right approach with him in not trying to rush him back or let him rush himself back--as he has in the past.

Back away from your ledges, folks. 

Update, 6:00 PM: The Smug One has amended his earlier comments to Rosenthal. It is being widely reported that Amaro has not offered any timeframe on when Utley could be expected to start jogging. Writes Rosenthal on twitter: 

Amaro amends earlier remarks on Utley. Says Utley "hopefully" can start to jog soon. Won't happen in next couple of days

I still think it sounds positive, but his return is not as imminent as some may have initially expected.