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Some Off-Day Phillies Links For You, May 12, 2011: All Eyes on Clearwater

Whoa, Cole really let that goatee get out of control. via <a href="" target="new"></a>
Whoa, Cole really let that goatee get out of control. via


Comcast SportsNet carrying tonight's Clearwater Threshers game
The Threshers have more talent at catcher and second base than the Phillies do.

Rare production comes from 2B and C
Gelb with the nod to @fansince09 at the end: "Should of kept JA Happ!"

Video Blog: Pete Orr’s Facts
I'm not gonna give Charlie credit for pinch hitting Orr for Valdez last night because he should have been in the starting lineup in the first place.

Semi-interesting Raul Ibanez statistical tidbit for your consumption
Not dead yet? Too early to tell? I just wish there was some blog that could have alerted me to Raul Ibanez's streakiness before the insomnia set in.

Box Score Recap, 11 May 2011
Trevor May: 6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 8 K.

Elsewhere in baseball: 

What could go wrong? Tim Lincecum climbs aboard a stunt airplane
Certainly not the first time that Lincecum has been in the clouds. For Red Bull's next stunt, Jimmy Rollins will jump from a plane thousands of feet above Citizens Bank Park and parachute down to his spot at shortstop just in time for Roy Halladay's first pitch.

Bartolo Colon’s stem cell treatment opens a new can of worms
Bartolo Colon is not exactly who I had in mind as the poster boy for stem cell research in this country, but you can't argue with the results.

Bryce Harper – Best Prospect Ever?
Biggest douche ever?

Visualizing AL East Hitters: wOBA through May 10th
Jose Bautista is just unspeakably good.

Los Angeles Angels say Kendrys Morales will be out for rest of season
The better part of two seasons for a freak injury. Yeesh.

How Not To Issue An Intentional Walk
This is the equivalent of air balling a free throw with the game on the line. It must really suck to be an Angels fan right now.