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Some Phillies Links For You, May 2, 2011: Dogs and Cats, Mets and Phillies, Oswalt Priorities

Fans Celebrate a Big Win During a Phillies Loss - Philled In

Philadelphia fans take their share of flack, but that was special. And I hope the next time fans in another city take a cheap shot at Philly for booing Santa Claus or a lazy TV broadcaster paints us all with the broad brush of having cheered Michael Irvin’s injury, they’ll remember the environment that Philly fans created last night, too.

And I’m incredibly appreciative that I got to be a part of it.

David Hale, for the win.



Mets beat Phillies in 14 innings to cap emotional night -

"This is a good win for us -- and obviously a huge win for America," Collins said of the Mets' 2-1 victory.

Ehh, they can have this. - David Wright Knows One Thing Mets and Phillies Fans Can Agree On

"I don’t like to give Philadelphia fans too much credit. But they got this one right," Wright said.

I'll take it.


Phillies' Utley plays simulated three innings - Scoop Du Jour - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports

"This is a good sign," Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said, according to the Inquirer.

Captain Obvious, reporting for duty!

Philadelphia Phillies starter Roy Oswalt knew it was time to go home - ESPN
Great, great work from Doug Glanville. Another reminder today that baseball is part of life, not the other way around.

Overbeck, R-Phillies continue to roll along, sweep Sea Dogs
Lots of slugging from a lot of marginal prospects.

Don't expect to see Brown any time soon in Philly -
Maybe he forces the issue. It's not like the corner outfielders on the big club are setting the world on fire.

Phillies shortstop prospect Galvis improves his bat
Again, if he can be a merely mediocre hitter, Freddy Galvis could be a very valuable player.

St. Louis Cardinals 5 vs. Atlanta Braves 6: Ryan Franklin again - Viva El Birdos
We totally understand the Ryan Franklin thing.

Washington Nationals' Veteran Lineup Comes Through In 5-2 Win Over The San Francisco Giants. - Federal Baseball
Well hey, lookit that!

Fish Wrap: Marlins 9, Reds 5 - Fish Stripes
And it was a good day for the rest of the NL East.