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Friday Phillies Links -- May 27, 2011


Willie The Arm worked inside on Votto 
Valdez and Ruiz discuss the 19th.

The Amazing Pitches of the Phillies 19th-Inning Pitcher: Wilson Valdez
The photo is a walk down memory lane. 

Evaluating the base coaches 
Actually more about the Phillies' baserunning

Reader Email: Phillies Great vs. LHP
Phils have hit only slightly better vs. lefties, but their record is 12-3 because of the vagaries of rotation matchups

A Reminder: J.C. Romero Not As Bad As He Seems
...if used as a LOOGY.

Phillies prepare for Josh Johnson by acquiring Josh Johnson
A little old, but still amusing

From Phuture Phillies:
Hot or Not
- Box Score Recap, 26 May 2011 (Pettibone lowers ERA to 1.75)

Roy Halladay on top of the world
more explanation here.

A few words on Domonic Brown
Some backtracking on the Brown and Cosart for Pence idea.

The truth will out...
Also from David Shoenfield at ESPN's Sweet Spot:
Chat debate: Phillies still have top rotation?  this comment in particular jumped out:

(While Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philly has a reputation has a great hitter's park, it's actually been essentially neutral over the past several seasons.)

This is the first I've seen of a national outlet noticing and reporting this.  Does anyone know of other examples?

From the Biz of Baseball:
- Mets Enter Exclusive Agreement to Sell Minority Interest to David Einhorn for $200M
- In Defense of Carlos Beltran
- Demystifying When a Sellout Isn’t a Sellout, and Ticket-Selling Tricks of the Trade  

Bradley: Mets can look to Phillies to find blueprint for building a winner

Bonus stat note after the jump... 

NL ERA Leaders since the Oswalt trade
As covered by dajafi in January (Li'l Roy's Perfect Ten), Roy Oswalt was extremely effective after his trade from Houston last July.  With all the talk about his back, and his extended time away to clean up tornado damage, it has gone largely unnoticed that he has picked up where he left off and has a 2.77 ERA so far this year.

Stats below are since Aug 1, 2010, except for Oswalt's numbers which include his first start as a phillie on July 30.  Minimum of 80 innings.

   ERA        IP
1   Roy Oswalt 2.01 120.2
2   Tommy Hanson 2.52 142.2
3   Roy Halladay 2.63 164.0
4   Jaime Garcia 2.64 112.2
5   Jhoulys Chacin 2.66 122.0
6   Daniel Hudson 2.66 145.2
7   Cole Hamels 2.68 144.1
8   Josh Johnson 2.70 96.2
9   Wandy Rodriguez 2.73 138.2
10   Jonathan Sanchez 2.81 128.1