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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, May 3, 2011: Synonym for Value

Contempt or Appreciation. Middle ground is for weak sucky losers. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Contempt or Appreciation. Middle ground is for weak sucky losers. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
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Comparing Ben Francisco and Jayson Werth, one month in - : Phils-ville
Expect a bit of this over the next few days. Get out your tape measures. New stat vs. old stats, Length vs. girth, etc.

Werth struggling so far in Washington
I'm an arrogant, elitist SABR-friendly snob blogger. I hereby dictate that you are not permitted to boo Jason Werth tonight. Violators will be dragged out on the street and shot. That is all. (BTW, I am also trademarking the term "snob blogger(TM) .")

Top prospect Domonic Brown one step away from Philly again | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/03/2011
Is it better to be one step away or ONE STEP BEYOND?

Changing times in Latin America, and the Phillies' success and troubles there | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/03/2011

And the other thing, frankly, was the facility [in the Dominican Republic]. It was embarrassing. Our people kept telling me about our situation in the Dominican and how we were sharing a stadium with homeless people. Our players were living in the third-base clubhouse and they were living in the first-base clubhouse. All the porcelain facilities were gone, torn out and sold so people could eat. All the wooden bleachers were gone out of the stadium so people weren't cold at night.

Phillies have lost lily-white complexion
How have we not noticed this before? O wait.

Bastardo, Stutes may find themselves in late-inning situations for Phillies
I'll give Brookover credit if he gives equal time to Stutes' regression and/or fairly inevitable struggles. Personalities aside, it is kind of nice to see effective twentysomething bullpenners.

Phillies confused by news | The News Journal |
Should we be somber? Joyous? Chant like Homer Simpson?

NL Easties

St. Louis Cardinals 5 vs. Florida Marlins 6: Kyle Lohse as himself - Viva El Birdos
Poetic recaps referencing a former Phillie? Mos def linky. Of note: NL EAST TIE FOR FIRST

Braves Defeat Brewers 6-2 Behind Big Nights From Jair Jurrjens and Alex Gonzalez - Talking Chop

Jair Jurrjens was great once again tonight.



Washington Nationals And Tom Gorzelanny Win 2-0 Over San Francisco Giants In Two Hours And Two Minutes. - Federal Baseball
Well, just look who's playing .500 ball.

Around Baseball

Bobby Valentine witnessed patriotic outburst at Mets-Phillies game - StamfordAdvocate
There are at least a couple of things wrong with this article.

Andre Ethier of the Dodgers extends his hitting streak to 28 games | News
In case you haven't been following his every move in your fantasy league. Halfway there, buddy! Keep hittin' 'em where they ain't!

Minor Leagues

Baseball: Ironpigs fall in 10 innings -
Dom Brown doesn't have what it takes to be a winner. Brian Bocock does.

Gonzalez hurls Fishers past Reading - Tuesday, May. 3, 2011
Tangential: Just noticed that the Fisher Cats have bucked the minor-league trend of not putting a space between the two nouns of their team name. I LaudThis.

Savannah 3, Lakewood 1
Jesse Biddle continues to adjust.

Weekly Promotions | Clearwater Threshers Promotions
No game last night but: Dollar dogs, beers, and ice cream sammiches at Clearwater EVERY TUESDAY. Om nom.