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Some Weekend Phillies Links -- June 11, 2011

Phillies Notebook: Don't expect Phillies to make a power move -
Murphy offers a historical comparison but doesn't mention that NL scoring is the lowest it's been since 1992.

Power Outage Fuels Scoring Decline | Philled In
Nice writeup by David Hale.

Jayson Stark: Rumblings and Grumblings on five impending free agents who are faces of the franchise - ESPN
Stark predicts the Phillies sign Rollins for two years.

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " Ryan Madson and the Free Agent Closer Class of 2011-12

The Two That Can’t Get Away | Brotherly Glove

Must-Sign Madson? | Brotherly Glove

Zoo With Roy: Apparently We Played the Cubs Last Night and Strange Stuff Happened
Thank you, Steve.

Phillies fail to capitalize on bases loaded walks | Philly Gameday

New rule to allow pitchers to DH for Phillies batters | Philly Gameday


How Has Left-Handed Pitching Usage Changed? - Beyond the Box Score
LHP usage vs. RHBs seems to be rising -- I suspect it's because teams are being more selective and basing matchups on batters' actual splits, rather than simply whether they are a right- or left-handed hitter.

What Are the Biggest Rivalries in Baseball? | FanGraphs Baseball
Braves - Mets? Who knew?