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Some Phillies Links For You, June 13, 2011: Realignment Roulette, Still Not Hitting?, Li'l Roy Coming Around

Phillies’ Four Aces rounding into form
I still enjoy the fact that people are underselling Cliff Lee's performance so far this season.

Locking up Hamels No. 1 on winter to-do list

Phillies' Little Roy (Oswalt) getting by with a little less heat
What the I don't even

Phillies: Utley hitting more consistently in last six games

2011 Draft Recap and Analysis | Phuture Phillies
Lengthy and comprehensive. Get a cup of coffee and prepare to lose an hour or so. But worth it!

Phillies Closer Ryan Madson: All-Star Game More Important than World Series - Philliedelphia
Oh for the love of... no. We are not going to do this to another elite player. Right?

Local writers connect with Ashburn
I'm far too young to have seen Rich Ashburn play, but with every weird and unbearable T-Mac and Wheels called game, I miss Whitey and Harry more and more.

PHILS NOTES: Manuel makes an odd move
You don't want to get Roy Oswalt angry.

MLB Power Rankings: White Sox Lead The Way, Astros At The Bottom
Phillies 11th. OK just read it before you lose your minds.

Opposite Stretches, Similar Results | Brotherly Glove
Or: They are what we thought they were!

Realignment talks ongoing between Major League Baseball, players' union
While I'm not reflexively against the idea in practice, I'm getting a little tired of MLB doing everything as a way of accommodating the American League East generally, and the Yankees and Red Sox specifically.

MLB Realignment? Bring It On - Baseball Nation
Rob Neyer makes some good points on Realignment.

Rosenberg, Overbeck lift R-Phils over Curve
Also, Freddy Galvis hit a home run! Which we know because RememberThePhitans saw it with his own two eyes.  Ask him, he'll tell the tale!

Strikeouts Galore, Astros Lose 4-1 - The Crawfish Boxes
An increasingly-hirsute Hanson is rounding into the dominant top-of-the-rotation starter we all thought he'd be. Oh no will Talking Chop be mad at me for saying Hanson is a collector of serial killer memorabilia? Because that's not what "hirsute" means. /Joke Killed

Mets 7, Pirates 0: Two-Out, Seventh-Inning Rally Hands Bucs Their Booty
Hey the Mets can handle the Pirates! Must be nice.

D-backs 5, Marlins 1: Hernandez has redeeming effort
The Marlins continue to quickly recede in the division race. And they're coming to town ANGRY. Gulp.

Washington Nationals Win Third Straight, 2-0 Over San Diego Padres, End 11-Game Road Trip 6-5. - Federal Baseball
Nationals: Respectable Beisbol!