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Some Off-Day Phillies Links For You, June 2, 2011: The Decision


What’s the Move for Victorino?
Either expose Martinez or DL Gload, please.

Phillies scouts in final prep for Monday's draft

As for overall priorities, Wolever said he’d like to get some catching, left-handed pitching, and "a middle infielder or two, if we can."

Right Field or Bust for Ryan Howard
What about Dom Brown?

Keith Law's Updated Top 25 Prospects
Cosart gets a bump. So does Singleton.

Interview With Doug Glanville
Brotherly Glove has some questions for Maple Street Press Phillies Annual interviewee, Doug Glanville, and, as always, Doug has the insightful answers.

That Catch Was Stupid

Cliff Lee T-Shirt: Failure of Form and Function
SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT: Over at NotGraphs, I make my fashion blogging debut.

Elsewhere in baseball: 

Terry’s post-game rant, ‘Something’s going to change.’
LOL, why u mad tho?!

Must see: Adam Jones evokes Willie Mays with over-shoulder catch
Not bad.

Daisuke Matsuzaka Injury: Tommy John Surgery To Be Performed Next Week
$100 million.

Winless Streaks Further Illustrate the Problem with Wins as a Statistic
At one point in his career, Jamie Moyer went nearly three calendar years between Major League wins.