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You Never Know What You'll See: Phillies Score 9 in 8th to Beat Cardinals 10 - 2

What a peculiar night.  Roy Halladay started and was (sort of) outpitched.  Carlos Ruiz hit 4 identical balls for singles.  Michael Martinez did not accumulate negative WAR.  The Phillies beat a team with a winning record.  Raul Ibanez ran kind of fast-ish to score a run after Ross Gload got a pinch hit.  

More improbable than all of that was that the Phillies scored 9 runs -- 9! -- in the eighth inning.  And they did it without a single extra base hit.  Hit the jump for an excellent summary, provided by MikeEinNC.  It was madness.

- T. Miller relieved K. McClellan
- J. Rollins flied out to left center
- S. Victorino singled to left center
- C. Utley walked, S. Victorino to second
- J. Motte relieved T. Miller
- R. Howard hit by pitch, S. Victorino to third, C. Utley to second
- P. Polanco hit by pitch, S. Victorino scored, C. Utley to third, R. Howard to second
- B. Tallet relieved J. Motte
- W. Valdez ran for P. Polanco
- R. Ibanez struck out swinging
- B. Francisco hit for D. Brown
- B. Francisco singled to shallow left, C. Utley scored, R. Howard to third, W. Valdez to second
- M. Batista relieved B. Tallet
- C. Ruiz walked, R. Howard scored, W. Valdez to third, B. Francisco to second
- M. Martinez hit for M. Stutes
- M. Martinez walked, W. Valdez scored, B. Francisco to third, C. Ruiz to second
- J. Rollins singled to shallow center, B. Francisco and C. Ruiz scored, M. Martinez to second
- M. Cleto relieved M. Batista
- S. Victorino walked, M. Martinez to third, J. Rollins to second
- C. Utley singled to left, M. Martinez and J. Rollins scored, S. Victorino to second
- R. Howard singled to center, S. Victorino scored, C. Utley to third
- W. Valdez flied out to right
- End of Inning (9 Runs, 5 Hits, 0 Errors)

Here's a Fangraph: