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Some Thursday Phillies Links For You, June 23, 2011: Phanatic Capped


Phillie Phanatic hit by foul ball in Allentown
I wonder if Tom Burgoyne has become so engrossed in playing the Phanatic that he doesn't realize the Phanatic's neck is his own face.

Phanatic Phoul Ball
Here's video. 

Juan Perez Statistics and History
In case you were wondering, his page can be sponsored for 10 bucks. Jump in it.

Phillies' Manuel makes noise: He wants a hitter
Making noise is the first step. Next he will say his first word.

Logan Morrison invites a Phillies fan to be his guest at CBP
Cool story over at The Fightins by @MarkM625.

Around the System–Catchers
I was not aware of the degree to which Erik Kratz was raking in AAA. 

May One Hits Yankees In Suspended Game
Conlin is tumescent.

Elsewhere in baseball: 

Don Mattingly: Jonathan Broxton to eventually return to closer
Chooch is tumescent.

Changes in Starting Pitcher FIP since May 10th

All of this adds up to a 50% improvement in Hamel's FIP--2.99 vs. 1.99. With that 1.99, he's also been the best starting pitcher in terms of FIP since May 10th. Hamels is also the only sub-3.00 FIP starter that improved from the first to the second time period.

New York Mets' Ike Davis might require season-ending surgery
Man. Are we sure that the Mets struggles haven't been contrived by big pharma to sell more anti-depressants?

A's Josh Willingham DL'd
Josh Willingham. The guy people were saying the Phillies should trade for.

Dexter Fowler’s Crazy Evening
This is pretty incredible.