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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, June 28, 2011: Unploppable Force vs. Immutable Object

Every time Red Sox fans come to town, I think of these skits.

See you in the World Series? Not quite yet -
Welcome back to town, Scott Lauber.

Phillies, Red Sox collide | Courier-Post |
David Hale's take. If these teams meet in the World Series and Amaro winds up being right about who wins, the Smug-o-Meter may go all HAL-9000 on our asses.

Phillies-Red Sox fun stuff | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/28/2011
Sox lineup musings. Given how poorly the Phillies hit, I'd be sorely tempted to try the Ortiz at first/Gonzalez in the outfield gambit if I were Francona.

Putting on airs pays off for Phillies' Mathieson | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/28/2011
Oxygen therapy also seemed to work well for Frank in Blue Velvet.

Around the League (Around the League, Around the League)

Dodgers bankruptcy: In filing for bankruptcy, Dodgers will ask judge to override MLB rules -
I can't...stop...looking. In separate but related twists of fate, Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones may wind up owning this team anyway. Time for Dodger fans to go fishing in the L.A. River.

Computer Numberz!

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " Believe the Hype
Remember, you loved that 2007 team until the NLDS. Then what did you whine about?

Taking shape in the AL East
Just in case you haven't been following the AL East closely. Like you have a choice.

NL Easties

Braves Win 3-1 Behind Beachy Gem - Talking Chop
Hey! I met Beachy Gem at a bar during Senior Week at Wildwood. She was really tan. And I suspect not born a blonde. Anyways, this recap wins for "Best homage to Joecatz's Cole Hamels-themed diaries."

Washington Nationals Tie It On Danny Espinosa 2-Out HR In 9th, Lose It 4-3 To Los Angeles Angels In 10th. - Federal Baseball
So far, I think the Nats are hands-down the most interesting team in the division. Jayson Werth fans take note: He's stepping in the bucket again.

Bushers in the back of the bus, after the jump. Earn it, boys:


Phillies don't forget about their minor league bench guys | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/28/2011
More on the minors. Autoplay alert. ::rollseyes::

Baseball: IronPigs win second straight - Morning Call
Ryan Edell (W). Jason Grilli (S)

EASTERN LEAGUE: Ramirez and Rizzotti lead R-Phils past Altoona -
J.C. Ramirez and Joe Savery combine on the win.

Threshers Hold Off Flying Tigers |
Now that's the team we knew and loved up here in Lakewood last year.

Hagerstown 5, Lakewood 2
Chien-Ming Wang on the comeback trail.

Bastidas lit up in rout at Auburn - | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information - Williamsport-Sun Gazette
Fargin' Bas­tidas!