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Some Friday Phillies Links -- June 3, 2011

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Will the Phillies stop wasting a roster spot?
More on the team leader in words per point of OPS.

Podcast: Roy Halladay talks video games - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Skip past the painful prelude, to the 2:00 mark.

Nine of MLB's 30 teams out of debt compliance, report says - ESPN
The Phillies are one of the nine. "The violations in question concern debt-service rules intended to limit a club's debt to 10 times its annual revenue, according to the LA Times."

How the Phillies Offense has Kept Pace with Last Year's Version - Beyond the Box Score
If you want to feel better about the Phils' offense, read this article (avoid the comments). " Blog Archive " Earnings report
Almost 1/10th of the Phillies' runs have been unearned, 11th in MLB. Not mentioned here, but the Phillies are 3rd out of 30 in the lowest % of runs allowed which are unearned: 5.67%, behind the Dodgers (5.60%) and Reds (5.66%).

Down on the Farm

Gordon Dominates Again, 'Pigs Crush Braves | Lehigh Valley IronPigs News
Almost-33-year-old converted outfielder is this week's guy to call up. Stats here (MiLB), and here (B-R).

Phillies Nation " Pitching Prospect Austin Hyatt Interview

Around the League

Giants' GM Threatens Scott Cousins
As David Brown says... zip it.

Source: Joe Torre to speak with San Francisco Giants GM Brian Sabean about Scott Cousins comments - ESPN
You straighten him out Joe.

Cash-strapped New York Mets may have to trade JoseReyes - MLB -
He doesn't turn 28 until next week.

Wright or Reyes? Who would you want? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Would you rather have the rest of David Wright's or Jose Reyes' career?


Hitter Aging Curves - Beyond the Box Score
It's all downhill from 26.

2011 wOBA: By Batting Order | FanGraphs Baseball
Which lineup spots are most important? Which teams are performing the best in each spot?