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MLB Draft 2011 Prospects: Cameron Gallagher, C (Pennsylvania)

Over the next couple of days, leading up to Monday's MLB Draft, we're going to take a look at some of the players the Phillies appear to be scouting.

We're at something of a disadvantage, since the Phillies don't pick until the supplemental round (39th overall) due to the Cliff Lee signing. Lots and lots of stuff can happen in the meantime, players can drop due to bonus demands and injury/commitment concerns. So, take this all for what it's worth.

First: A "local" kid, Cameron Gallagher, catcher, Manheim Township High School, Lancaster, PA, Baseball America's #64 prospect, and verbally committed to East Carolina next fall.

H: 6'3"

W: 210

Bats/Throws: R/R

Gallagher's baseball bloodlines are there: His father, Glenn, was a pitching farm hand in the Blue Jays system in the 1980s, and his brother currently toils in the Dodgers farm system.

The scouting scoop on Gallagher is that he may become a "bat only" prospect, as he's already a slower runner and, as James over at Phuture Phillies points out, a very big kid for a catcher.  Still, he's showing substantial power potential, always an eye-opening for catchers.  Gallagher's throwing arm is also an asset.

As with Jesse Biddle last year, it will be hard to assess Gallagher's ability to adjust in higher levels of the game due to the shorter playing season and inferior competition in Pennsylvania.

Lots of his value will be tied up in whether he can stick at catcher, as his athleticism would seem to confine him to first base or the outfield corners, and prospects at those positions generally have to be really really special hitters to make it in the big leagues.

Here's Gallagher taking some wood bat cuts last year, accompanied by Metallica:


Thoughts: The Biddle pick aside, the Phillies aren't particularly predisposed to selecting local kids, so maybe there's nothing to these reports. On the other hand, scouts seem to agree that Gallagher's swing and strength indicate plus-power potential, which will play anywhere on the field.