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To the Philadelphia Phillies: Time to Record an It Gets Better Video

I don't want Cody f*@$#&ing Ross and the San Francisco Giants beating the Phillies at anything, but they've bested the Phillies and every other team in baseball on this one, as last week they released an It Gets Better video:


Kudos to the Giants for being the industry leader on this one.  Within days, the Cubs and Red Sox have announced that they are going to follow the Giants' lead, so kudos to them as well.

It's time for the Phillies to get on this most-worthwhile bandwagon and join in.

What's the It Gets Better Project, you ask?  After a rash of highly-publicized suicides of lesbian, gay, transgendered, or bisexual youth last year, Dan Savage, the nation's leading ethicist, the mastermind behind the incredible humor associated with Rick Santorum, and my choice for President in 2016, formed the project to encourage adults to film videos assuring LGBT youth that "it gets better."

In less than a year, the project has collected over 10,000 videos that have been viewed over 35 million times.  Videos have been filmed by politicians, celebrities, and everyday folks assuring young LGBT people that life does get better, that their lives are worth living, and that they will be happy one day, even if things seem really hard right now.  Click on the link to the site and you'll be able to browse through amazing testimonials that will make you race for your tissues.

Wherever you stand on LGBT issues, I hope as a baseline human position we can all agree that teens feeling hopeless and isolated should not kill themselves and should be encouraged to think about how they can get through to the point when their life will be better.  These videos get that message across to teens.

Whether we like it or not, celebrities in our celebrity-driven culture play a special role here.  And the Phillies need to step up and play their role too.  If a kid in Lansdowne is feeling isolated and thinking about suicide, maybe seeing Ryan Howard tell her "it gets better" could make a difference.  Or Shane Victorino.  Or even Danys Baez or Ross Gload.  Whoever it is, the Phillies need to make one of these videos and show their support for this incredible cause.  It's the right thing to do, and now's the time for the Phillies to do it.

I encourage you to explore the website linked above to find all the great videos, but I'm going to leave you with one more embedded.  It's a recent ad for Google Chrome (the embed here is in no way an endorsement of that browser, which I don't even use), but it nicely captures what the project is about, and it features some of the best videos that have been made.  And yes, get your tissues.