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Some Canada Day Phillies Links for you: Cliff Lee, All Stars, and More!

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Lidge could pitch in minors next week | The Phillies Zone | 06/29/2011

His hope is to return before the end of July.

MLB players who've been lifesavers - ESPN
5. Michael Stutes and Antonio Bastardo

A Baseball Argument 13 Years in the Making | FanGraphs Baseball
Great as Lee's June was, Verlander's may have been better. Lee had the lowest ERA in MLB of course, but his FIP was 5th, and xFIP 16th (Halladay was 5th, Hamels 14th).  Still, you can't argue with the historic results:
Lee’s Dominant Month " The Zo Zone

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " First Pitch Jimmy
A method to his madness.

Ryan Howard's Next Contract Looking Better And Better - Baseball Nation
I don't know who wrote the headline, but it doesn't match Rob Neyer's article.

On the Farm

Hot or Not | Phuture Phillies
Joe Savery is a hot pitcher?

Savery's stint in relief a bright spot for R-Phils

Parent said Savery will split time between DH and pitcher in the immediate future. On days he's not in the lineup he'll be available in the bullpen.

Phillies Nation " Mid-season Developmental Report

Around the league and more after the jump...

Around the League

Adam Dunn hits 100Ks in 67 games - MLB - Sporting News
Is there anyone who didn't think he was going to have a big year for the Chisox?

Blue-Eyed Players Hit Just Fine In Day Light | FanGraphs Baseball
Next excuse?

Identifying the Streakiest Teams in MLB - Beyond the Box Score
We who follow the Phillies have been talking about "streakiness" solely in terms of hitting. This looks at streakiness in terms of winning, and by this measure the Phillies are not very streaky at all.

Two points of contact on one swing -- THE BOOK
Pretty cool -- I wonder how common this is.

FanGraphs Power Rankings – 6/27/11 | FanGraphs Baseball
I'm telling you, the Brewers worry me.

Philadelphia Phillies lead again; making All-Star Game choices - Joe Lemire -

Despite all the turbulence, the Phillies have converted 22 of 24 save chances, a 91.7 percent rate that ranks first in the majors.

All-Star Game: Reward or Showcase | FanGraphs Baseball
I'm with Hardball Times' Justin Inaz on this one: the ASG should showcase the best players at each position, not necessarily those who had the best 1st half.

Rockies Make Solid Move In Acquiring Mark Ellis - MLB Daily Dish
No argument here.


Saves Aren't Very Predictive 2011 - Beyond the Box Score
There is no correlation between pitching well (FIP) and the number of saves. In the graph, Ryan Madson is the dot above Jonathan Papelbon.

BABIP: a primer - Bluebird Banter
Nice summary, and the comments bring up and answer some good questions.