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Great Phillies All-Star Game Moments of Greatness: 2011 -- Roy Halladay Starts, Pitches Two Perfect Frames

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History, as it happens!  Brought to you by The Good Phight.

Manager Bruce Bochy's decision to start Phillies superace Roy Halladay was questioned by few. Halladay, probably baseball's best pitcher over the past decade, is a star of immense stature, admired by fans and players alike.

It speaks to Halladay's dominance that his two perfect innings to start the 2011 All-Star Game surprised virtually no one.  He struck out one and needed only 19 pitches.


Curtis Granderson grounds out to first.

Asdrubal Cabrera strikes out swining.

Adrian Gonzalez grounds out to first.


Jose Bautista flied out to center.

Josh Hamilton grounded out to third.

Adrian Beltre flied out to right.


Things were going just as smoothly for the next Phillies pitcher, Cliff Lee, who relieved Halladay in the third. After pitching a perfect third inning, and retiring the first two batters in the fourth, Lee allowed the game's first run and the American League's first hit in the form of a solo home run from Adrian Gonzalez.  After a bloop "single" by Jose Bautista thanks to a dropped pop-up from Prince Fielder, and a single to center from Josh Hamilton, Lee was removed from the game after 25 pitches. But the damage was contained thanks to Hunter Pence, who gunned Bautista down at the plate after an Adrian Beltre single to left off Tyler Clippard.