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Some Thursday Evening Phillies Links For You, July 14, 2011: Chooch, Conlin, and Teflon Clemens

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The real Chooch.

A look at Phillies' second-half storylines
Operation: Get Healthy

The First Half: Halladay, #4/#5 SPs, Corner OF
Also read this.

This Debate Again?
Lots of good stuff on Crashburn Alley today. Also this and this.   

Two Phillies in Keith Law’s updated Top 50 prospects
Cosart is 17th (34 prev.) and Singleton is 24th (27 prev.)

ESPN's Keith Law Scouts the Zeke's Hardware and Auto Parts of Fairview Phillies
Title says it all.

Elsewhere in baseball: 

Roger Clemens trial -- Judge declares mistrial

Transcript Of Justin Timberlake Trolling Joe Buck On Live Television During The All Star Game (Now With Video!)
This was the highlight of the game, IMHO. Well done by Amazin' Avenue to transcribe the whole thing.

Of course he did: Brian Wilson rocks spandex tuxedo at ESPYs
At this point, Brian Wilson would be funnier if he suddenly dropped the schtick.

MLB Realignment, For Reals?
Weiner is open to realignment.

Florida Marlins close upper deck to Sun Life Stadium
...because they are afraid people who sit there will die of loneliness.

Lopez is Topps: Fan who gave ball to Jeter gets own baseball card
This whole Jeter 3000th hit ball drama summarized in six words: Low use value, high exchange value.