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At the Trade Deadline - Are We Forgetting The Phillies Have the Best Record in Baseball?

Right handed bat off the bench?  New right fielder?  Bullpen help?  Trading the minor league arms or Domonic Brown?  Are you crazy?


What part of this chart, really the only one that matters, worries you?  The record, which is the best in baseball (and has been for what seems like forever)?  The run differential, which is the best in the NL and third-best in baseball?  The runs allowed, which is the best in baseball by a lot?  The runs scored, which is seventh best in the NL and is behind teams that aren't threats at all?

In thinking about the Phillies' "needs," are you seeking to create a perfect team, something that doesn't exist in a game in which the best team loses 60 to 70 times in a season?  Are you trying to win all games by 5 runs instead of just 2 or 3 even though a win is a win?  Are you attempting to satisfy some deep-seeded psychological need to erase those horrible memories of yourself as a little leaguer striking out in key situations, which is why you really don't like Ryan Howard despite some decent production this year?

What is it that you want from this team?  Because what we've gotten from this team -- with the current right field situation, with no big right handed bat, with the bullpen made of Iron Pigs and Ryan Madson, witih Raul Ibanez, with the bench, with injuries galore -- is the best team in baseball and one of the best Phillies teams ever.

If that doesn't satisfy you, you're missing something incredibly special this season, and I really truly feel sorry for you.