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Some Thursday Phillies Links For You, July 21, 2011: The "No Trade Talk" Edition


Lidge gets closer
Closer? Dear God, I hope not.

Rollins Is Turning It On
3.3 fWAR and counting.

Vance Worley Puts All His Strengths On Display
I love the little hop Worley does after he delivers.

The Phillies’ Other Guys
Good article, but as noted in an earlier thread, needs more Utley.

Youngsters and Bullpen Construction
Stutes and Bastardo are making the case for not pouring money into middle relief.

Hey do me a favor and vote for me
Tug (of The Fightins) has been traveling all over the country to watch minor league games this summer. Take a second of your day to give him some support.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Stephen Drew Injury: D'backs Shortstop Suffers Fractured Ankle
It was gross.

The Hollow OBP
You down with it?

Doug Glanville’s wild first pitch, poor Harry Caray impression
Oh jeez, Doug. You just hate to see that.

Matt Swartz's SIERA series at Fangraphs
You are doing yourself a disservice if you haven't read this.

Washington D.C. Bar to Sell Beer for Prices Based on Jayson Werth's Batting Average

On Sunday, Duffy's Irish Pub, a bar in Washington D.C., will be selling PBR tallboys, Budweiser and Miller High Life for prices that correlate to Werth's batting average that day. This means, for instance, that his current .212 average would equate to a $2.12 cost for the aforementioned beers.

I don't think I'd pay sub-Mendoza prices for PBR, Bud, or Miller.