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Counting Down to 10,000 - Braves Dead Pool

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The Braves, by now used to being in second place for all things that count, are well on their way to reaching the 10,000 loss milestone as a franchise.  Of course, the Phillies are again ahead of the curve on the Braves, having reached the milestone over four years ahead of the Braves and in 124 years of existence as opposed to 136 years.  Clearly, the losing technology possessed by the Phillies is light years ahead of the Braves.  This was true especially during the epic period of Phailure from 1918 - 1948, inclusive, when the Phillies had one (one!) winning season out of 31.  Not quite forty years in the wilderness, but close to it.  

Following last night's heartbreaking walk-off loss that buried the Braves yet another game in the standings, the Braves stand at 10,004 - 9,997 as a franchise in various incarnations and in three cities.  Not only is this record remarkably symmetrical, but it puts them at the threshold of history.  

By way of comparison, after today's 5-4 loss to the Padres, the Phillies are at 9,199 - 10,269, so the Braves are 272 games ahead in the loss column.  Or behind. And at this year's pace, it will take approximately 28 years for them to have a chance at catching the Phillies for the "lead" in losses.  So, the notoriety of the Phillies is secure.

Still, as the Braves walk down the long, dark tunnel toward the light, Phillies fans will be at the end of the tunnel to greet and comfort them.  It'll be sort of like the last episode of Lost, especially since Phillies fans are being gracious to lovable losers this year.  The question at this point is, "When will the 10,000th loss happen?"  Here is the schedule for the Braves.  In the comments, post the date that you think the Braves will reach 10,000 losses.  Post the score and the losing pitcher as tie-breakers.  The winner gets?  We'll think of something.  Maybe a Chipper shirsey.  A regular one, since my google search for "Chipper Jones Hooters Shirsey" turned up nothing.

Enjoy it, since the next teams to join the club will be the Cubs, Reds, and Pirates, but probably not for at least another 3 - 4 years.