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Some Thursday Domonic Brown Links For You, July 28, 2011: All Dom, All the Time

Public enemy #1.
Public enemy #1.

I had the chance to speak with Domonic Brown before compiling this links post. He expressed regret for making a bad play in the field last night, but did not absolve some Phillies fans of being idiots. "Had I realized misplaying a ball in right field--as (young) players sometimes do--would have triggered the psychoses of an entire city, obviously I wouldn't have messed it up," he said. He noted that rookies with 12.4% walk rates do not grow on trees. Nevertheless, he pledged to improve his defense. 

Some Phillies fans are not buying it, however. A man, who identified himself only as "Fran", stressed that as a 23-year-old, Brown should be considered a finished product. "His hands are too high, he takes terrible routes to balls, he lollygags on the basepaths, he lacks focus. He's just unfixable and he doesn't play the game the right way. We should trade him for Pence or whichever hard-working right-handed bat we can get." Another fan who wished to remain anonymous to avoid repercussions from his employer for missing work to hang out at the bar added "We really shouldn't be wasting a roster spot to develop a rookie on a championship-caliber team." Of course, others have pointed out that with a 99 percent chance of making the playoffs, it is hard to imagine a better situation for the team to allow the young player to develop at the Major League level.

Brown has been a polarizing presence to Phillies fans, but at this point, what the approaching trade deadline holds for Brown remains a mystery. 

Now, some links! 


Domonic Brown - Google Image Search
Look at him in the eyes and tell him you think he's a bust and should be traded.

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Look at his numbers.

On Domonic Brown
Matt Gelb gets honorary Blog Lord status.

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As does David Hale.

The Trials of Domonic Brown
And Dash Treyhorn.

Phils' opinion of Dom Brown would be interesting to know

Heyman: Phillies 'have all but given up' on Pence

Vance Worley pulls the ol’ fakeout punch on trainer Dong Lien
What a joker, that Worley. 

Elsewhere in baseball:

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Like, Facebook official?

Josh Johnson out for the season?
Marlins' tough season gets tougher. Things looked really promising for them.

Johan Santana will pitch tonight
Remember this guy?

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