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Found Poetry: On Domonic Brown

If you've been reading this site for a while, you are familiar with our fondness for verse. Often we have found that the best poetry comes not from our own sick, twisted minds, but those of the average Phillies fan. Apropos of the recent Domonic Brown furor, please find below a collection of the best Dom-centric comments arranged in verse form.

All poems have been taken shamelessly from the comment section of Matt Gelb's fantastic piece "On Domonic Brown". 


Code Words

"By" "kevinmac"


doesn't bust it to



doesn't bust it to

balls in Outfield

and makes

too many

Dumb Plays

in Field

and basepaths....


Relacitrant in fixing

Hole in his Swing




Rollins Type attitude

without pedigree.


Window Dressings

"By" "bearsfriend"

The question isn't

whether Dom Brown will be a good player someday...

the question is

whether he's the best possible outfielder we can possibly have,

offensively and defensively,

when we try to win the World Series...

When he's 28,

Roy will be 38 and Cliff 37,

I like our chances better now!

The Lost Boys

"By" "repski"

Brown looks lost

good luck with him in the playoffs

Pence has the best arm in the NL,

he is an up-temo, effort guy

instant energy which this team lacks

(other than Chase).

Trade Brown, Singleton and Cosart

get it done.

Thanks A Lot, Gelb.

"By" "robynk"

Great, now I'm even

MORE confused on whether they

should trade him or not!



"By" "jss31"

Keep Brown,

trade Francisco,






or some combination

or players/prospects

for a right hand bat

and a relief pitcher


Please, contribute more in the comments!