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Great Phillies Moments of All-Star Game Greatness: 1993 - John Kruk Emasculated by Big Unit

The 1993 Phillies were one of the hottest teams in baseball at the All-Star Break, and Phillies' first baseman was no small reason -- known now primarily for being the fat mulletted face of the "Macho Row" National League Champs, Kruk was also a fine hitter, posting a .316/.430/.474 line in 1993, and was elected to start the All-Star Game at first base for the National League. Kruk was one of three Phillies starters that year, joining Darren Daulton and Terry Mulholland (really).

Enter Mariners' All-Star Randy Johnson. Finally harnessing his potential in what would eventually be a Hall of Fame career, Johnson's reputation in 1993 was still that of a wild fireballer. In the days before Interleague Play, there was real novelty in seeing matchups between the leagues that you'd never otherwise see. Before the game, Kruk stated that he wanted no part of Randy Johnson. In the top of the third, Kruk's nightmare came to pass.

Johnson hurled the first pitch two feet above Kruk's head. Kruk scrambled, pounding his chest, while Johnson kept a straight face. Three pitches later -- including two bailout swings from Kruk, and the at-bat was over. Kruk lived, but Johnson ruled the day.

The American League would go on to win the game 9-3, but the game would be most widely remembered for the hilarity of these two loveable lugs.

Watch it all here!