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Great Phillies All-Star Game Moments of Greatness: 2008 - Chase Utley Pops His "F" Cherry

The 2008 All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium was a memorable one -- a last hurrah for a historic ballpark, a thrilling 15 inning affair finally won by the American League, not to mention Clint Hurdle's attempted (and possibly successful, in the long run) homicide of Brad Lidge's arm.

For Phillies fans, though, and for other afficionados of the vulgar verbal arts, the occasion marked the now-legendary "F**k"-smith Chase Utley's first foray into live televised profanity. (video pretty much NSFW but you knew that).

As the New York crowd welcomed Utley and the rest of the National League squad, boos (of the "Bronx cheer" variety) rained down on the starting second baseman. Casually, Utley (a man of few words, completely unaware of the camera and microphone in his face ;) ), mumbled a soft but audible "Boo? F*** you!".

With hindsight, we know this did not embarrass Utley, but rather emboldened him, and forecast of Utley's triumphant "WORLD F***ING CHAMPIONS!" proclamation at the World Series Championship celebration that October.  A remark that destroyed the innocence of many a tender Delaware Valley youth.

We can only hope that in the 2011 Midsummer Classic contest, a tantrum-level Cole Hamels drops an exasperated f-bomb before the live television audience, taking some heat off the now exiled-from-our-hearts Chase Utley.

Namaste. F*** you too.