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Phillies Stat Notes -- Milestones, August 1, 2011

Phillies career leaders can be found here: hitting and pitching.

Jimmy Rollins
Rollins has been busy moving up the Phillies' all-time lists over the past few weeks.  Below is where he stands, and when he's projected to reach the next rungs (bold if this year):
- 6th in Games Played -- needs 33 to tie Del Ennis for 5th at 1,630 - early September
- 4th in At Bats -- needs 100 to tie Larry Bowa for 3rd at 6,815 - end of August
- 3rd in Plate Appearances -- wouldn't reach Richie Ashburn at 2nd until 2013
- 4th in Runs -- won't move up to 3rd until 2012, assuming he's still here
- 4th in Hits -- would likely pass #3 (Delahanty), #2 (Ashburn), and #1 (Schmidt) in early 2014
- 6th in Singles -- needs 41 to tie Mike Schmidt for 5th - late September
- 3rd in Doubles -- needs 24 to tie Mike Schmidt for 2nd, in 2012
- 4th in Triples -- needs 1 (2nd of the year) to become the 4th Phillie to reach 100, and the first to do so since Sherry Magee in 1911.  Others are Delahanty (157), Magee (127), and Sam Thompson (106)
- 3rd in Extra Base Hits -- needs 36 to tie Ed Delahanty for 2nd at 686, in 2012; Schmidt at #1 is out of reach with 1,015
- 4th in Total Bases -- needs 118 to tie Del Ennis for 3rd, in early 2012
- 4th in Steals -- needs 20 to tie Sherry Magee for 3rd, in early 2012

Chase Utley
- His homerun on Friday vs. the Pirates tied Utley for 10th in Phillies' history with Johnny Callison, at 185.  Next is Bobby Abreu at 195.

Raul Ibanez
- Needs 2 HRs (18 for the year) to reach 250 in his career
- Needs 12 RBI (71 for the year) to tie Mike Schmidt for 9th on MLB All-time list for RBIs in ages 30-39.
- Needs 3 doubles (24 for the year) to tie Charlie Gehringer for 11th on the All-time list for doubles in ages 30-39.

Ryan Madson
- By preserving the tie in the 9th inning yesterday, Madson tied Ron Reed for 2nd on the Phillies all-time list with 449 relief appearances. 
- He needs 11 more relief appearances to tie Tug McGraw's team record of 460.

Brad Lidge
- If Lidge gets another save with the Phillies, he will become the 4th Phillie to record 100.

Charlie Manuel
- Phillies' game #119 will be the 1,500th managed by Manuel, including his time in Cleveland.