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Phillies 11, Nationals 3: John Lannan Gets Hilariously Frustrated

Forgive me. I was welcoming in the Freddy Adu era tonight at the Union game and totally missed this game. And apparently it's Vacation Week here at TGP, so I'm left holding the recap bag tonight. Fortunately for all involved, the Phillies figured out a way to break a 2-2 tie. From the looks of it on the highlights, it seems I can thin-slice it thusly:

  • If Ryan Howard is going to break out of his HR drought against a lefty, is there anyone better that John Lannan to do it against? I think not. 
  • But seriously, what was the deal with that glove-flip force out at home that Lannan got on Howard later in the game?
  • The Phillies had many, many, baserunners. Many scored.
  • Chase Utley passed Tony Taylor in some kind of grit and hustle contest. Well done, Chase.
  • For a 22-year-old, Freddy Adu looked kind of slow and out of shape. And cheesit, what took Nowak so long to sub in Daniel? We needed speed and size down the left side. (Oops, must have cut and pasted that from the Brotherly Game recap comment section.)
  • When Lannan was all done, he angrily slammed his glove down onto the bench and still managed to hit a Phillie. Ok, that last part I made up. But it was so funny! Lannan, you are such a losing loser! Go lose again! Loser.
  • Roy Oswalt is a winner, baby, a winner! It was nice to see him back winning on the winning side. And drawing inspirational bases-loaded walks and scoring runs. I love you!
  • Speaking of losing losers, the Braves lost to the Cubs, so it's once again an 8.5-game lead. And Roy Halladay is on the mound tomorrow against Chien-Ming Wang