Astros choose Domingo Santana as PTBNL for Pence Trade


Credit to Jay Floyd (aka @PhoulBallz) here, who as Mike Meech said, hasn't gotten proper credit for actually breaking this story. Consider me officially "shocked": the PTBNL certainly wasn't insignificant, as short of Jesse Biddle (who we assumed was off limits), Santana is the best prospect in Lakewood. I'm skeptical whether he'll ever make enough contact to truly unlock his power potential, but that power potential is pretty impressive, and he's still only 18 years old. Pence has, of course, hit .327/.381/.545 and helped the Phillies to an 11-2 record since the trade, all while quickly becoming a fan favorite. That said, the Phillies gave up a lot to get him, subtracting three Top 10 prospects from a system that has seen a number of talented youngsters depart in recent years. If ever there were a time to spend big in the draft, that time is now.