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Phillies Stat Notes -- August 18, 2011

This is just a quick update of this post, which offered some scenarios for how many wins the Phillies might end up with.

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The accompanying graph of games over .500 is after the jump...

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One other scenario to consider is based on the Phillies' Pythagorean W% since Utley's return, which projects to 106 wins:


(David S. Cohen, you can stop reading now)

One milestone note for tonight:

It should be their 200th strraight sellout, including the postseason.

Last night CBP set a new high for attendance for a regular season game at 45,894, and someone asked in the game thread how often they've set a new high this year.

By my count, the high before this year was 45,518 (9/6/10), and they've set a new record 7 times:

4/3 - 45,562
4/13 - 45,667
4/14 - 45,716
4/29 - 45,743
5/23 - 45,841
6/15 - 45,880
8/17 - 45,894

Like David, I don't know how they keep finding additional seats (or SRO spots) to sell, but this article provides a glimpse behind the scenes:
Demystifying When a Sellout Isn’t a Sellout, and Ticket-Selling Tricks of the Trade