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Some Thursday Phillies Links For You, August 4, 2011: Li'l Roy and Strasjesus coming, Stairs going

Late late game tonight. Here are some links to tide you over.


Giving Kyle Kendrick his due
Giving Kyle Kendrick his doo-doo.

Ryan Howard, fastballs, and the fallacy of protection
This article summed up: "cum hoc ergo propter hoc".

Footage of Dom Brown’s IronPigs homer from Tuesday
I wonder if he was picturing Amaro's face on the ball.

Oswalt set to pitch Sunday for Phillies
With strikeouts plz.

Future Planning By Dealing Prospects
An interesting alternate perspective. The other options out there for next year aren't particularly sexy. 

Matt Stairs Retires
Adios, friend.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Scott Boras On Washington Nationals' Right-Hander Stephen Strasburg's Impending Return

Source: MLB could suspend Alex Rodriguez of New York Yankees for illegal poker
A-Rod believed to have been present at the poker game when Jackie Aprile shot Furio.

Diamondbacks Might Not Be Fantastic, But They're Real
Don't sleep on the D-Bags, Phillies fans.

The Animated GIFs Of July: In Which Every Living Baseball Player Is Terrible
Many baseball .GIFs.

Who Gets the Scoop? Number of Correct, First Reported Deals in July
Jon Sphincter takes the "if you throw enough crap at the wall, some of it is bound to stick" approach.