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Some Phillies Links for You, August 8, 2011: Leaving the Bay, Oswalt Blues, Bullpennery

Polanco headed home for MRI, no DL yet

Lawrence: Phillies shouldn’t break the bank on bullpen
I really like the fact that we're spitting on the idea of "closer" as a set, sacred role, but I'm kinda leery about relying on guys like Stutes and Bastardo again next year.

Many encouraging signs seen in Oswalt's return to the mound
So it's nice to be nine up in the loss column.

Choose Your Own Oswalt Adventure | Brotherly Glove
If you want to bulldoze Jimmy Rollins' house, go to page 42.

Brian Wilson Look-alike Fan D.J. Silva Wears ESPYs Outfit to Giants Game
Frontrunner for Tool of the Year.

Radio host's tweet about San Francisco Giants shows dangers of social media
So it's "dangerous" but maybe instead of tacitly blaming the medium, you should blame the bigoted creep who made the statement.

Altherr continues to build confidence
Nice to see that he's hitting a little bit, even though the third base experiment was a failure.

Boy injured after SF Giants game still in hospital
Flat-out awful. Hoping for the best.

Reyes, Murphy add to Mets injury woes
The New York Mets -- Baseball's Job

The Philadelphia Phillies starting rotation of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Vance Worley and Roy Oswalt may be better than advertised and among the best of all time
Sometimes you just wanna get fluffed.

Beltran day to day after tweaking right hand
I'm assuming the media outlets now just have pre-written injury reports for Beltran for each body part. "Sprained kidney" expected next.

Will most likely Mets Deprive Titans inside of Carlos Beltran Offer?

Crashburn Alley - Shane Victorino’s Ridiculous Season

No questions asked.