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Some Phillies Links For You, September 12, 2011: Almost Perfect, Vance to 'Pen?, Home to Houston

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Club could clinch division title in Houston
From Todd Zolecki. How appropriate would this be?

Would You Rather: Diamondbacks or Brewers? | NBC Philadelphia
I don't think I have a preference here, as I think these series are way to hard to predict.

Brewers’ end skid and help psyche

"We realize we can play with them," Brewers right fielder Corey Hart said. "It’ll prepare us for later on."

He actually said this?

Vance Worley likely headed to the bullpen in Phillies' postseason
WIP phone lines blowin' up.

No Easy Answers In Race for Cy Young | Philled In
So it'll come down to the last few weeks. OK.

Oswalt, Pence will have homecoming in Houston
The Homecoming Dance is a stressful time of year for any youngster. Asking a friend to go with you, and hoping she'll be more than a friend? It's dicey. Best of luck to them.

What Would Howard Have Gotten? | Brotherly Glove
The last sentence features the most important takeaway: The Phillies operate on a different financial plane than all but a very few number of organizations in baseball. Even if it goes bad, this deal won't "cripple" the franchise the way something like the Vernon Wells deal did.

Centennial anniversary: Pete Alexander-Cy Young showdown
Whoopsie, this is a few days old but still cool, and involves Phillies great Pete Alexander.

Braves swept again, wild-card lead to 4-1/2  
Oh mannnn delicious.

Brewers get back to playing like themselves
Please tell me that's his real name. Please tell me that's his real name.

5 questions with Sam Perlozzo |
My man was also third base coach for the Champion 1990 Cincinnati Reds.

EASTERN LEAGUE: New Hampshire downs R-Phils to take playoff series
Ahh well. Nice run, fellas.