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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, September 13, 2011: Clinching, Beating, and (Back)packing it in

Pete Orr: Living every blogger's dream. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Pete Orr: Living every blogger's dream. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Test clears Utley for return, likely for Thursday's game | The News Journal |
Thanks Hurricane Irene, for knocking the power out in my house for a few days and turning a Roy Halladay Saturday game into a midweek Kyle Kendrickfest. Maybe it'll be the clincher?

Phillies Notes: Astros' Happ was once where Worley is now | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/13/2011
J.A. Happ: Should of had a slightly better season /xFIP'd.

Manny Ramirez arrested for battery -
"Fearsome slugger" was supposed to be a metaphor.

I still love the Philadelphia Phillies despite that awful pink 'anti-gay' backpack | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/13/2011
One columnist's shocking confession: Bloggers are opinionated and nasty, even when you kinda sorta have to agree with them.

Justin Bieber on the Mike Missanelli Show | The Philly Post
Bankrolled by Jimmy Rollins, he's a clearly a fan of counting stats.

Playoff Racing:

Braves Offense Fails Late In 12-inning Loss To Marlins - Talking Chop
Futility in Atlanta!

Pedro Ciriaco An Unlikely Hero In 6-5 Win Over Cardinals - Bucs Dugout
A tough scrap in the Iron City!

Brian McCann Has Never Been a Train Robber | pitchers & poets
The spectacle (spectacles?) that is the Braves' catcher.

Minor Leaguers: OK, you get to the playoffs, I'll put you above the jump, rook:

Lehigh Valley IronPigs' Scott Mathieson hopes to keep up rotation's playoff dominance |
Go Pigs! Beat Columbus! Hit 'em where they ain't, boys!