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Phillies Stat Notes: Repeat After Me

Repeat after me:

1) The Phillies have the most wins in the NL in September
2) The Phillies are still the highest scoring team in the NL since Utley joined them on May 23rd.

1) Even after losing the Houston and St. Louis series, they are still tied for most wins in the NL in September, with 12

At the end of a frustrating series agaInst the Cardinals, it's easy to forget that the Phillies are still having a pretty good month.

They don't have the best record in the NL in September, but they are tied for most wins -- the 4th month this year that they have either tied for most or led outright.  Their .600 winning percentage in the month works out to 97 wins over a full season.

2) Despite their recent scoring drought, they have been the NL's highest scoring team since Chase Utley's first game on May 23rd.

1. Phi 4.72 (4.71 through 7/29, 4.72 since the Pence trade)
2. Col 4.60
3. NYM 4.57
4. Mil 4.54

With 10 games left, the Phillies need to go...

4-6 to set a new franchise record with 102 wins

5-5 for Charlie Manuel to pass Gene Mauch as the winningest manager in Phillies history

7-3 to raise their record over .500 for the past 63 years (1949-2011)

200 Straight regular season sell-outs

The Phillies officially sold out CBP for the 200th consecutive regular season game last night (213 including the postseason).


1. Boston, 710 (2003-11)
2. Cleveland, 455 (1995-2001)
3. Colorado, 203 (1995-1997)
4. Philadelphia, 200 (2009-11)

If they play all 4 remaining home games, they should finish the season at 204.

Jimmy Rollins' 100th career triple

Finally!  He was stuck at 99 since May 3rd, but he became the first Phillie to reach 100 career triples since Sherry Magee in 1911.

Team career leaders:

1. Ed Delahanty 157 (1888-1901)
2. Sherry Magee 127 (1904-14)
3. Sam Thompson 106 (1889-98)
4. Jimmy Rollins 100 (2000-11)
5. Richie Ashburn 97 (1948-59)