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Write The Caption Contest: Consoling a Baseball Friend

Baseball is a game of failure. And perhaps no game this season captured the meaning of that more than a game last night between the Atlanta Braves and the Florida Marlins. Following a soul-crushing, walk-off home run by former Brave Omar Infante, the Braves fell to within two games in the loss column of the pursuing St. Louis Cardinals.  The game is summed up better here than I could possibly do it, even with my snark on.

At the end of all things, Dan Uggla reached out to comfort his Baseball Friend, Craig Kimbrel. This is a gem of a photograph, and it deserves a special caption, or more than one caption; they just write themselves. Actually, they don't -- you'll need to write them for us in the comments section, because this is a "Write the Caption" contest. And don't feel limited to just one effort. If your caption receives the most "recs" by the end of Wednesday, you will win absolutely nothing other than the satisfaction of a job well-done.

And please, nothing egregious, mmm-kay?  Even though this has more than a little of the look of Golden Boy and Wez from the Road Warrior crossed with some of the worst, most overwrought of Sam and Frodo. I mean, we're talking real fanfic potential, folks. Have at it!