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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, September 27, 2011: Centurions, Coaches, Rosters, and Bonus Funkadelphia

Go ahead, Mike, seriously, punch me in the stomach. I spit up wins now!  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Go ahead, Mike, seriously, punch me in the stomach. I spit up wins now! (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Projecting Phillies' postseason roster
Jim Salisbury's take.

Amaro said that outfielder Domonic Brown and relievers Joe Savery and Justin DeFratus would report to the Florida Instructional League to stay sharp in case they are needed later in the postseason.

Phillies should be hoping for Cardinals | The Phillies Zone | 09/26/2011
Enter the comment zone at your own peril.

Phillies Notes: Phillies like their coaches, but will all return? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/27/2011
I can't help thinking that having Ryne Sandberg near Chase Utley next year would be a good thing.

2011 Phillies Could Be the Greatest Disappointment in Philly Sports History | The Philly Post
Upon deeper reflection, shouting "Everybody Panic!" is probably not necessary.

Savery looks toward 2012 | The Phillies Zone | 09/27/2011
The door opens for... Clutchy McLoogy?

Despite pressure to deliver snow, Phillies excited - 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic
If Montgomery just flies Roy Halladay into town to stare down the clouds on December 31, it'll snow. Then by simply flicking a switch on his back, he can then melt it all off the parking lots.

Sather predicts Rangers, Yanks titles -
Imagine you're an underendowed sportswriter from New York City who writes about hockey. Start typing.

Around the League (Around the League, Around the League...)

Braves Lose To Phillies; Cardinals Can't Take Advantage, Remain One Game Back In Wild Card Race - Baseball Nation
Baseball (blog) friend Grant provides a tidy wrapup of the NL wild card race if you didn't follow the action last night.

Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays Officially All Tied Up For Wild Card - Baseball Nation
If the Red Sox blow this, they'll join the 1964 You-Know-Whos in Epic Collapseland.

Ozzie: ‘They just let me go' -
Guillen likely will be the new manager of the Miami Marlins, who are reportedly going to send an actual player for him. Many "Please let it be me" prayers detected by God last night originating from the Marlins' clubhouse.

Heart, pitching, defense can't overcome hitting woes as Angels miss playoffs | News
How can the Angels possibly have had heart with Bobby Abreu still in their lineup?

Mariano Rivera: King of Postseason WPA - Beyond the Box Score
The Clutchiest McSlugger ever is a pitcher.

Bonus Funkadelphia (after the jump):

Phillies bring generations together | Courier-Post |
But brokering peace in the Middle East remains just out of their grasp, even with Hunter Pence. I'm down with the Generation X rage by the 42-year-old dad quoted in this article. Makes me think of my favorite musical memento from the last time the Phils won 100 games in a season:


Phillies Fever (via mcwalton24)