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Exit Interview: The 2011 TGP Fantasy Baseba'al League's HR Director Will See You Now

Who will save your soul if you won't save your own? (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Who will save your soul if you won't save your own? (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In the midst of the Fan Orgasmatron that was Wild Card Wednesday last night, The Good Phight Fantasy Baseba'al League wrapped up its 2011 season. With league expansion that went to an 18-team format, competition was fierce and free agent replacement parts scarce as the season wore on. Riding high atop the league for much of the season, then consolidating and expanding his insurmountable second-half lead with a dominant final two weeks, Walcott took the league title this year. So please tip your hats to our new champion, and congratulate him. Blogs fly forever!

The thrilling battle for second place mirrored the real wild card race, as j reed, FuquaManuel, and Wet Luzinski went down to the final night before j reed came out with the silver. I won bronze, and FM won whatever it is people who come in fourth win. (I believe it's an airline bottle of a new brand of rum. There's bound to be a non-empty one up here in the attic somewhere.) While I'm at it, hearty thank yous to league commishes FuquaManuel and RememberThePhitans for stepping up this springtime so we could have extra baseball to distract us when we weren't paying attention to baseball.

To recount the season in collaborative, nerdy, wiki fashion, league participants are hereby requested expected required MANDATED to submit a minimum 500-word comment post by Saturday at noon in which any or all of the following points are detailed (feel free to use the prompts below the jump, or invent better questions to answer).


The organization wants a change. The HR Director will see you now.


Section 1: Your Team

(for everyone except Walcott): What Went Wrong for your team?
What was your favorite anecdote/injury/trade of Fantasy 2011?

Section 2: Your Players


Who carried the load who wasn't a surprise?
Who chipped in unexpectedly? Who was a bust?
Which sleepers kept on snoozing?
Which younger players are you hoping nobody else finds out about before next year's draft?
Which guy(s) were you desperate to get rid of, but somehow kept on your roster all year anyway? (And yo, what was up with that?)

Section 3: The League

What (Or Who! Dish!) ticked you off about the site/league/ etc?
Did you like anything about the league, format, scoring, etc.?
What suggestions do you have for next year?